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26 January 2024 - Kesehatan | Aktivasi dan Inovasi

Breaking The Limits Of Age With ERHA Ultimate Anti Aging

ERHA Ultimate Anti Aging launches the “Ageless, Limitless” campaign as a solution for anti-aging, from inside out.


It is a well-known fact that you will feel better when you look better. So, it goes without saying that taking good care of your skin can have benefits beyond simply maintaining your appearance. Besides getting the best skincare products that works for you, it’s imperative to understand that has different needs and requires different kinds of treatment to deal with various special needs. As more and more people become aware of their wellness and their skin health and aesthetic, skin clinics have seen a surge of renewed interest. This is further supported by various innovations along with new trends for products and treatments popping up each year.


Essentially, the skin clinic has become a cross-gender necessity that offers various solutions, spurred by high demand from the market, both regionally and globally. Furthermore, the demand itself is rather diverse and the market extremely broad. However, one segment of the market with the highest potential and market share is anti-aging. And for sure, aging has presented quite the dilemma, especially for those living in big cities.


Speaking about aging, starting from around 20-30 years of age, the skin will regenerate at a slower rate as the amount of collagen in the skin – a protein that plays an essential role in the structure and function of skin, cartilage, bones and connective tissue – will decrease. At the same time, skin elasticity will also diminish, resulting in sagging skin and the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the face.



Premature aging has also been a source of concern for the younger generation. This condition can be triggered and influenced by various factors. An unhealthy lifestyle, free radicals, sun exposure and high stress levels are among the most common factors and stressors behind premature aging, while also causing visible signs of aging such as dark spots and melasma.


All of these developments have caused the beauty and personal care market to grow rapidly each year, which in turn creates a positive impact for the anti-aging category. Consumer traffic for anti-aging treatments has risen tremendously, even during the pandemic. There’s also a strong believe in the correlation between pricing and the success rate of a product or treatment. In short, people are increasingly willing to invest in their skin.


As one of the leading brands within the beauty and wellness industry in Indonesia, ERHA is well aware of the aforementioned high demand, which became the driving force for the brand to provide the best possible solutions through one of its line brands, ERHA ULTIMATE ANTI AGING. Of particular note is the brand’s 5C concept, which stands for Clear Program, Clean Plan, Clear Skin Goals, Clear Duration, and Clear Cost. ERHA is the first to introduce this concept, and for sure this approach ensures convenience and clarity for consumers while dealing with their skin problems, specifically in terms of overcoming and preventing signs of aging.



In a nutshell, ERHA Ultimate Anti Aging is the anti-aging expert, supported by a complete range of facilities and modern technology for various personalised treatments. With all of its clinical programs being dermatologist-tested and approved, ERHA Ultimate Anti Aging is able to provide effective and tangible results that becomes visible after just one treatment session.


Once again, looking good at your age can make you actually feel good about yourself. That can be achieved by taking a proper care so that your skin stays healthy, looks younger and is prepared to fight the signs of aging – whether it’s fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, dark spots or melasma. We cannot avoid aging but what we can do is prevent it with the right way and in the right hands.


To that end, ERHA Ultimate Anti Aging has prepared a number of clinical programs, including Ultimate Younger Program (Ultimate Younger Look Solution) to tackle signs of aging; Bloom in Youth Program (Pre-Aging Preventive Solution) for prevention of and slowing down the aging process so that skin will look moist, fresh and supple; and No Wrinkle In Time Program (Wrinkle Solution), which is a special solution to treat wrinkles and fine lines.



“We want to be able to be there for anyone looking to overcome their skin aging problems. Furthermore, we want to encourage our customers to believe that there is no age limit when it comes to working, reaching for our dreams dan inspiring others. We hope that with the launch of our ‘Ageless, Limitless’ campaign we can send a strong message to everyone,” says Irinne Dwiyuliana Pratiwi, Head of ERHA ULTIMATE ANTI AGING.


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